What her hands say

January 21, 2019

There is something about the way the hands of this woman calmly come together that lets you know quite a bit about her. Hands of an elder, the skin’s lines and textures have been made sophisticated by the artistry of progressive aging. These are hands at rest. The woman lays her right hand on her thigh, placing the left on top without a hint of pretence or effort. In non-action, a sense of completeness is emanated. Her posture is authentic, receptive. Is she waiting? Is she listening to a friend? She exudes openness, interest and dignity. Her noble purpose is the simple intent to listen and receive. Her patient nature is unmistakable.

With only an image of her hands we can feel that this woman respects herself. Undoubtedly through her life's journey she has known illness, grief and loss, the pain of trauma or tragedy. Yet she is well practised at perceiving her humanity in high regard. Her own presence uplifts her. The woman's hands speak to the fact that there is beauty and power in simple connection. They are a testament to lifelong learning and the ever unfolding process of self discovery. One day, like her, I want to rest my wrinkled hands in my lap, a gesture the person I'm sitting with can trust right away that silently speaks: “I respect you. I’ve got all the time in the world. I’m listening.”